Woman who stole from Lee Rigby’s Grave named as Nikki Pilkington

After a nation stood united in grieving against the loss of Hero Lee Rigby who was murdered by Islamic extremists in Woolwich, Nikki Pilkington from Irthlingborough took the opportunity to steal from his grave

Labour Party activist and UAF spokesperson, Nikki Pilkington who runs the internet marketing business http://www.nikkipilkington.com last night was named as the woman who stole from Lee RIgby’s Grave.


In total, a teddy bear left by Rigby’s son, Jack and a fresh set of flowers were removed from the grave leaving the family emotionally distressed and ‘upset’ by the theft.

Nikki’s Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/nikkipilkington

Nikki’s Facebook business page: https://www.facebook.com/internetmarketingbynikki


96 thoughts on “Woman who stole from Lee Rigby’s Grave named as Nikki Pilkington

  1. You guys seriously should be ashamed of yourself! This woman hasn’t even done anything wrong yet you comment stuff like burn her torch her kill the evil bitch! Maybe you need examine your own conscience, utterly disgusting! Go get some education and stop taking our tax money to pay for your asses! Welfare scrounging losers!

  2. the daly bale do not care about drummer lee rigbey . or that some one nicked a tedey bear thay use it as an excusev to ster up hatred thay are right wing extrrmest of the worst kind , no guts just cowerds who dont care if aney one is inacent or giltey thay just scum of the earth, i would be ashamed to call them british

  3. Haley..we still have a system in the UK, under which a person is innocent until proven guilty. Despite the ill-educated rantings of many of the participants in this piece of online extremism, a process must now be followed to establish the guilt or innocence of this individual. In addition, in the UK, we do not adminster violence as punishments – although it is clear to me from reading this thread that a sizeable number of people do wish a return to that. It was violence that caused the tragic and unacceptable death of Lee. The same vilence lies in the hearts of many of you. The same vileness. No one, in the UK, gets ‘a good kicking’ following a crime.

  4. Seriously. Those of you, replying with vileness, and calls to violence, are the ones with the problems. Learn temperance, learn courtesy, learn to check facts, learn proportionality. You attack with the sale violence as Lee’s attacker, and so do dishonour to his memory.

  5. stealing from the dead is something, years ago you would be hung for it, but in this day of age she should be birched for it in front of all her town and the family she stole from.

  6. absolute scum on legs and she will be punished by rotting in hell wher she belongs the vermin cowwww

  7. Anybody mentioning lynching or burning needs to take a long hard fucking look at themselves. You’re pathetic. I don’t even know this lady, or Lee Rigby for that matter, but for christ’s sake put down ‘The Sun’ and go a read some history. There’s a perfectly good reason we don’t lynch and burn people anymore in this country (or any other developed nation for that reason).
    Get a grip keyboard warriors.

  8. Named by whom? Why don’t you mention any sources? Perhaps it is because this story is completely made up? Anyone commenting on this post should take note that they are being manipulated into believing a hoax story targetted to stir up their own prejudices.

  9. If this is a lie, what promoted it and what has this woman Nikki done to prompt this accusation? What has she been up too?

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