RIP Alan Cleverley – A Patriot defects to the left

It is with great sadness to report the departure of Alan Cleverley from the Right-Wing community. Earlier tonight, he publicly defended Maggie Chapman and Esther Angel (Hope not hate) from one of the Daily Bale’s attacks against the Left wing:



Alan Cleverley had fought bravely for the right wing and was most respected amongst our ranks but it came to us as a great shock earlier this evening when he was seen to publicly defend Maggie Chapman & Esther Angel.

The Evidence:



This all took place on the Facebook profile of the woman who was exposed by the Daily Bale to have been involved in stealing items from Lee Rigby’s Grave. Alan took to defend Nikki Pilkington. We see his actions as a clear defection to the left-wing, no matter what you do in any circumstance you do not defend the Left-Wing against a right wing attack.


this is friendly fire, and friendly fire can not and will not be tolerated.

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