Labour Party says “Paedophiles are human too”

The Labour Party has recently launched a new campaign which is seen to promote Paedophile rights in the UK. Is there no level to which they’ll stoop?

We are the Many is the name of a recent campaign launched this week by the Labour Party. This campaign seeks to unite Paedophiles in unity and solidarity with the love and care of the British Public. Imagemn

Labour Party spokesman Jim Mcdonald said the following

“Paedophiles have rights too, we all make mistakes in our lives and some of us make bigger mistakes than others but the Labour party believes in forgiving those people and giving them new hope”.

“We are the Many is a new campaign which encourages convicted paedophiles to place a sign saying the name of the campaign on their facebook profiles and as a sticker on the front door of their houses”,

“We are a party that reaches to all members of the community and we represent our people fairly and without prejudice”


3 thoughts on “Labour Party says “Paedophiles are human too”

  1. Ok if they want to do that then why not just fucking legalize the sexual abuse of children! That is more or less what they are doing. “Oh you raped a four year old girl, we understand that it was an accident” six months later, “oops you slipped again. The same little girl too. Don’t worry we will protect you from having your balls ripped off by rabid dogs like you truly deserve” sick fuckers. I tell you now if I see any signs or stickers like that I will gladly go and give that person exactly what they deserve.

  2. We Are The Many is a campaign which seeks to drive back the extremist EDL, but according to a convicted criminal – yes, I’m talking to you Josh – the effort is actually a front for some paedophile rights campaign. The signatories have included the Islamic Society of Britain, Hindu Forum, several Jewish groups in the U.K and the Green Party. Explain if you can, without resorting to some ridiculous propaganda, how any of these or other organisations are supporting sex offenders? I call bullshit…

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