A Case against Maggie Chapman

Maggie Chapman is a Left-Wing Troll who has been posing as a UKIP official in an attempt to dismantle the UKIP and right-wing community on facebook. This vile specimen has been targeting the Daily Bale and anybody associated with it for some time using her fake accounts and web of lies. Now the Daily Bale exposes here:


She’s the adorable old lady from Scotland that claims to be a traditional UKIP supporter and chairman of a local UKIP branch but this is in fact untrue.

Let’s firstly establish where Maggie stands with UKIP

Maggie Was the former election agent to Peter Hollings, a candidate from Bridgewater in somerset. It was in Bridgewater where Maggie was kicked out of UKIP for pretending to be the chairman covering the whole of somerset, she boasted online about how she controlled UKIP in the south west and set up a number of fake facebook pages and accounts.

After being kicked out of UKIP for forgery and lying, Maggie became disillusioned with the party and wanted to take revenge but only could she do this by playing the long game.

Maggie Chapman’s Main Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/margaret.chapman2

Maggie Chapman’s Secondary Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/maggs.chapman

Using facebook as her weapon, she befriended many people from UKIP and using her past as a UKIP agent, people recognized her and believed that she was still legitimately a UKIP supporter.

During this early Stage, Maggie made a connection with the UKIP Brighton & Hove branch run by chairman Nigel Carter; she has won the support of idiot and liability Linda Reid who has taken to facebook to publicly support Maggie without consulting her senior UKIP officers.

So why has Maggie gone to all this effort?

Maggie now works as a plant for the Left-Wing, most likely for Hope Not Hate. She is responsible for grassing right-wing patriots into Hope not Hate who then go on to write terrible stories and lies about people. Not only this but Maggie has connections with the British Patriots Society page and the New Daily patriot of whom she has both used before to attack Right-Wing patriots when she sees them as a threat.

We do not believe that the New Daily Patriot of the British Patriots Society is aware of this woman but we should hope that they will ignore her in future times.

The other thing that makes Maggie so believable is the network of fake facebook accounts she uses which look like realistic UKIP members when in fact they are just fakes. She puts a lot of effort and detail into creating these accounts which is why people are willing to believe them so much.

It seems that Maggie has also built up a core following of REAL people that support her and believe she’s genuine, these people are willing to follow her and bark at her every command. ‘Maggie’s Minions’ as they’ve now been called are:

Julie Ann Saunders:  https://www.facebook.com/julieann.saunders.589

Melanie Roberts:  https://www.facebook.com/mrobertsandbooks

Linda Reid: https://www.facebook.com/linda.reid.587

Susan Lockwood: https://www.facebook.com/sassisuzi

Virginia Hall:  https://www.facebook.com/virginia.hall

 We have no doubt that some of the above accounts are fakes operated by Maggie herself but we know that Linda Reid & Melanie Roberts are both real people who defend maggie religiously and follow her orders. They’ve been warned about Maggie’s anti-ukip agenda but are not willing to listen and continue to attack at her command.
Maggie is no member of UKIP and is an enemy of the Right-Wing, anybody who is seen to support her is also an enemy and will be added to the Daily Bale list and distributed amongst our subscribers.
To confirm everything we’ve written in this article then once just needs to email the executive chairman of UKIP, Steve Crowther. Ask your local UKIP Chairman for his email.
We advise that anybody who has her added as a friend removes her immediately as she will only have you added so that she can damage any future political career you may consider having. This woman is a parasite and a plague to UKIP.

9 thoughts on “A Case against Maggie Chapman

  1. You think this is bad you have no idea what she has done to her children and so called friends etc even went to hit a elderly lady who took her in vile woman

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  3. Cool story Josh but needs more dragons and unicorns to make it truly believable. At the minute, it reads like the paranoid burbling of some puerile dork who’s an embarrassment to the Tory party and was soundly whupped at a council election. Now grow up, man up and as Fel has already said, get a fecking life.

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