White Man attacked by pack of feral cats

White man attacked by pack of feral cats

A dog walker in France was left badly wounded after being attacked by a pack of six feral cats.  B7CKYY-cats_2627013b

The highly unusual attack took place in the tourist city of Belfort near the Swiss border. The man had been walking his dog when the cats pounced, dragging him to the ground while biting and scratching him. he was left with blood gushing from a torn artery and ended up being rushed to hospital where he was treated for her wounds and given an injection to protect against rabies. he was said to have been left traumatized by the incident.

Police investigating the attack have stated that it is “highly unusual” and that is represents a “cause for great concern”. Warnings have been put out asking people to avoid contact with any feral cats in the area and not to feed them.


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