British UKIP Candidate Supporting British Muslim Sharia Law

A UKIP candidate is facing calls to resign after claiming the solution to crime in Britain is sharia law and thieves should have their hands cut off.

Self-employed builder and UKIP activist Dean Perks, prospective candidate for Halesowen and Rowley Regis, shocked supporters at a rally when he suggested the brutal punishment as a legitimate way to tackle crime.
Mr Perks is due to stand for the party at the next general election but leader Nigel Farage is now facing a barrage of calls to get rid of him.


Speaking at a meeting with supporters in Coventry, West Midlands, earlier this year Mr Perks made the shocking claims.
He said: ‘In my opinion, sharia law works as a prevention – and prevention is better than cure.

‘If you think you are going to get your hand chopped off for pinching something, you won’t pinch it.
‘I recently had a conversation with someone who asked what I thought of Sharia law.
‘I said: “Well in all honesty, I do agree with part – but by no means all – of sharia law”. That’s my view – my opinion. I ain’t going to defend myself. I do agree with it.
‘Sharia law, in my opinion, works as a prevention.’
The potential candidate is no stranger to controversy, earlier this year he faced a backlash when he praised the Enoch Powell, claiming he was ‘well liked in the Asian community’ and labelling him ‘a visionary’.
He was also forced to admit calling someone ‘retarded’ via social network Twitter.

he controversies were a far cry from a statement he gave on launching his campaign, claiming he would never bad mouth other candidates.
In launching his campaign for the hotly contested Halesowen and Rowley Regis seat, Mr Perks said: ‘I hope to show people a new type of politician.
‘It is not my intention to bad mouth or attack any other candidates as I believe we should all be in the running for the same purpose.’
However on he was involved in the ugly Twitter spat which resulted him writing: ‘I…


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