National Action: I stand with the White Gang

It is with great pleasure and honour that I announce my joining with the White Gang. For some time now, with respect and admiration I have watched the forming of what is clearly the future of British fascism and the construction of a movement which has proved itself worthy of carrying the nationalist flame, hopes of our race and future of our nation forward.


Having watched as my comrade and racial brother, Garron Helm faced persecution at the hands of the Jew tyrant for doing absolutely nothing wrong, I knew that it was my duty to stand beside him and fightback. Joining National Action for me seemed to be the natural path and obvious solution to saving the White race. Having been involved with several Nationalist parties, movements and groups over these past few years, I can look back and realise with absolute certainty that the whole time I was searching for National Action.

National Action is the White liberator, a solid movement and brotherhood that that will emancipate the White race from the clutches of judeo tyranny. We can not deny that ahead of us we have a war, a great ideological war which requires the finest sons of Britannia to take up the white struggle and deliver a crippling defeat to the vast cultural Marxist network that has emerged throughout every major facet in society.

As a race, we are facing the immediate Genocide of our kin and this has gone unnoticed as the cultural marxist parasite hacks away at our heritage, flesh and blood. We will have to educate the masses and bring awareness of this evil White Genocide to awaken a nation and take action, national action before the clock strikes an hour too late.

For most of us in this Brotherhood we call the White Gang, we have all faced opposition at the hands of Left-Wing parasitical vermin. Let it be known that we will fight this form of disease with an iron antidote of dauntless courage and strike fear into their hearts. We will remember their faces, we will remember their words and we will remember their crimes but as a force united for the side of good, justice shall be ours.

If we are to save nation, as well as race then we will need to set about the full remodelling of this country under a new principle suitable for this era of great uncertainty. Where our people have been let down by this perverted system of democracy there sits ahead a saviour in the form of fascism. We must be there to deliver our racial family into this new mode of social and national living.

For me personally, 2015 brings a great year of hope and prosperity ahead. Whilst I may face imprisonment for my fully justifiable actions, I would go to prison a proud man and for a cause I both love and believe fully in. For me, there can be no greater honour than to serve time for a cause that gives me a meaning and place in life – I hope all can understand this, my life is for my race and nation and for which I would pay the ultimate price.

2015 is the year fascist phoenix arises from the ashes of old and alights a glorious new path for which we must follow. This will be our last chance, to save a race and to unite a nation but yet it’ll be our strongest chance yet. We are grateful to those who have served before us but now we will take the racial torch and light up the path for all in our generation to follow in the direction of ultimate triumph.

Tomorrow is ours!

Hail Victory!

Joshua Bonehill