Hurrah for the Black Shirts!

A new exciting political movement is taking Britain by storm, with a constantly increasing membership in the thousands and a positively right wing agenda; The New British Union is a party on the rise. 

In this bleak times of shaded grey Left-Wing perversion, it’s not often that we’re able to report on something positive taking place in the country but the Daily Bale was delighted to see a revival of Sir Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists & National socialists which now calls itself the N.B.U (New British Union).

New British Union

Patriot and British Army veteran Gary Raikes is leading this new movement and will be present at the NBU’s first conference which will be held in Suffolk on Saturday 5th October,

The New British Union seems to be gathering a lot of support from British military veterans across the country who are glad to be in uniform again and fighting for a noble cause. The Smart Black Uniform worn by the NBU is truly unique and offers something that no other political party in the UK can hope to give.

This is a political party that supports the people of this country, they are not interested in making money or fuelling themselves with power but have a general interest in reaching out to the average working British citizen.

Membership to the N.B.U is completely free, uniform is cheap and the friendly sense of camaraderie is like no other.

We appeal to Military veterans to get involved with this great opportunity, many of your comrades who have fought bravely will be joining the NBU and there us a thriving community of British heroes operating within the NBU. If you have ever wanted a chance to get back into Uniform and fight for your country, here is that chance.

The Daily Bale will be proudly supporting the New British Union and reporting on their victories over the next few months as the rise of the Black shirts is set to continue.

You can inquire about getting free membership with the NBU here:

The New British Union’s facebook page:

There’s nothing more patriotic than being freely able to chant “Hail Britannia!” and know that you are doing so for the right reasons.

Article by Ajax Somerset


17 thoughts on “Hurrah for the Black Shirts!

  1. what a sensible alternative then mate ? this country is on it’s knees sooner or later whitey will wake up all the right needs is a sensible charismatic leader with no neo-nazi past that the gutter press will use against them …..just the love of a once great country !!

  2. The British soldiers fought against nazism not facism which are NOT the same. Nazis were national socalists not facists get your facts right and read the website before making insulting comments.

  3. So where do you get these uniforms from and what sizes and what designer… nothing rough or ready i hope

  4. MMMM Bonehil, Wood, Sandy and Me. All ready for action in jackboots and black leather and those oh so fitting caps. MMMM that throws a bone in the old woodpile 😉

  5. And get me so hard with your jack boots and stern expressions. OOOOOOOOOOOO I would so like one of your uniforms – I might get Sandy one too. Love Julian. x x x

  6. And I do so like black and shaven headed millitary types… you boys just rock my boat

  7. How gay are the uniforms? Just thought I would ask cause I might like one for saturday nights. So where do i get them from?

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  9. Britain is need of change. The New British Union is the right movement to bring around those changes. The leader Gary Raikes has done an excellent job and the NBU is growing in popularity by the week. Hail Britannia, Hail Raikes and Hail the N.B.U.

  10. Spoiler warning: If you’re promoting a political movement with the words ‘the uniform is cheap’, someone is doing something wrong.

  11. Yes, let’s support the side that British soldiers fought against (and defeated) in its biggest conflict of livint memory.

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