Princess Diana, Killed by Communism

As communist newspapers such as the Daily Mirror are accusing the British Army of being responsible for the death of Princess Diana, the Daily Bale investigates

Princess Diana is an inspiration to many and it has been widely accepted that the Daily Mirror were responsible for her death when they chased her car through the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel in Paris. In recent slanderous attacks against the British Army, the Daily Mirror has now decided to pin the death of Princess Diana on them.

According to the Daily Mirror, a member of the British SAS was responsible for plotting and carrying out the execution of Princess Diana in a staged car accident which was later Blamed on the mirror.



The truth of the matter is, communists in  this country seek to destroy the British royal family and replace them with some form of sickening premier to rule all. They have already been successful in the killing of princess Diana but how safe is the royal family now with the ever growing powerful community movement of Great Britain?

It’s a disgusting attempt to blame the British armed forces for Diana’s death but I’m afraid this is the sort of hate machine the Left-Wing activists use to dismantle and destroy society.

What is more worrying is the sick fixation that the Daily Mirror seem to have on Kate Middleton and Prince George, when will the mother be given some privacy with her newly born child?

Article by Steven Sodholmy


8 thoughts on “Princess Diana, Killed by Communism

  1. Firstly, if you think the Daily Mirror is a communist newspaper then you’re sadly not educated enough to reason with about politics. Secondly, I doubt that replacing the monarchy with a representative democracy could be described as ‘sickening’ especially when the royals cost us £190m every year. And finally, the coroner’s report found that reckless driving and press harassment contributed to Diana’s death – there was no mention of some lunatic communist conspiracy as you have obviously invented for sensationalist reasons. As intrepid journalism goes, even the Daily Wail does it better and they supported nazis during the 1930s.

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  3. Truth be told you will never ever ever find out if this was an accident or murder so please let the beautiful Princess Dianna R.I P.

  4. Don’t worry, they’ll have editing your comments so that you agree with them before you know it.

    They’re a bunch of wankers

  5. for “the Daily Bale investigates” read “the Daily Bale dreams about something and believes it is true”…

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