MI5 opened a file on Nick Lowles

Nick Lowles has been leading the Anti-British movement for some time now but recently shocking evidence emerged linking Lowles to the 1993 Harrods bombing. The Sunday Bale investigates:

After joining the communist party of Great Britain in 1992, Nick Lowles wanted to make an impact and strike fear into the hearts of British people.  Patrick Hayes and Jan Taylor who were convicted of the 1993 bombing of Harrods on behalf of the Red Action militant communist group managed to convince Nick Lowles into helping their cause, in late December of 1992; Lowles joined up with Red Action.


It’s alleged that Nick Lowles, Patrick Hayes and Jan Taylor plotted to carry out the Harrods bombing at Lowles seedy london apartment, after preparing a package containing 1 lb of Semtex plastic explosive, the conspirators soon moved in to place it outside of Harrods in a bin, knowing that many would have been injured or killed.

The Explosion outside Harrods happened in January of 1993, both Hayes and Taylor planted it in the bin whilst Lowles kept watch on the other side of the street, no doubt he stood and watched as many were injured and chaos erupted in the busy London Street.

Shortly after the attack, Hayes and Taylor were arrested and sentenced to 30 year prison sentences whilst Lowles managed to evade police investigation and headed to the city of Leicester where he later founded Hope not Hate and took control of communist paper ‘Searchlight’.

The truth is that Hope not Hate is founded on good old grassroots terrorism, backed by nonce Tom O’Carroll and various other unsavoury characters.  Nick Lowles has been responsible for the death of many innocent people who decided to take their own lives after having a vicious hate campaign mounted against them by Hope not Hate. People have been murdered as a direct result of Lowles hate campaign waging and many people have lost their jobs.

So it comes to no shock that MI5 Had opened a file on Nick Lowles in the late 1990s with fear that he may launch another strike against British soil sometime in the 2000s. The Daily Bale believes that Nick Lowles is still in touch with his former terrorist comrades from the Red Action militant group.

Lowles currently lives in the city of Leicester with his wife Clare Hewitt who filed a report against Lowles in 2009 for assault and battery which resulted in the death of their unborn child; she later dropped all charges. 

Article by Steven Sodholmy


23 thoughts on “MI5 opened a file on Nick Lowles

  1. I, Joshua Bonehill, the fearless leader was the first man on mars last week. It was full of fucking left wing alien loonies so I invented a laser gun:The Bonehill Patented Death Ray and destroyed them. Then I came home because I was late for my tea and my mum was well vexed like.

  2. On the upside almost all of our anti-racist enemies have disreputable backgrounds that can be used against them. Something about anti-racism and evil just seem to go together like bread and peanut butter.

    “The truth is that Hope not Hate is founded on good old grassroots terrorism, backed by NONCE Tom O’Carrol”

    Just wanted to point out that sentence, many of you not being from Britain (I’m not from Britain either) might not know what the word ‘nonce’ means. It is British English for pedophile. Just thought I’d point that out, I didn’t always know that. As I was saying anti-racism and evil seem to go together like bread and peanut butter.

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  5. Lowles moved in those circles so this is just as possible as some of the strange fantasies he and Searchlies come out with !

  6. Maybe Lowles did know those two from Red Action who joined the IRA.
    He just writes stuff about Nationalists and lives in a dream world.

  7. Lol how do you know its a smear page if you haven’t read? Got a secret to tell us??? And what neo – nazis are you on about?

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  9. Hope Not Hate Exposed? That shitty little smear page run by convicted neo-nazi criminals? No thanks, I’ve got bigger fish to fry…

  10. I do enjoy your batshit conspiracy theories, keep them coming! Nothing makes me laugh more than your repulsive and yet totally incompetent demonisation of innocent people. In fact, I just urinated a little. Keep the comedy coming, fascist clowns.

  11. Any chance if you’re going to slander someone please, keep your dates in order? Was it 1993 or 2013 ? Morons, can’t even get their lies sorted from one paragraph to another

  12. Lowles collaborated in Harrods bombing 1993. Owner was muslim (Al Fayed), many muslims shop at Harrods. Two faced snake in the grass.

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