UAF Thug assaults 87 year old Veteran

John Nigel Rohm who formerly served with the Royal Artillery Regiment , was at home near the Bolton area when he was alerted by his 89-year-old wife to teenagers jumping in their groomed macrocarpa bushes about 4.45pm last Saturday.137666363459365


He walked to the front of his property and asked them to get off his trees and move on. One of the youths replied: “Who’s going to make us?”

The teenager then struck out, pushing John off-balance so he fell on to the road.

He suffered cuts to his face and a broken cheekbone in what police called a cowardly attack.

Anderson said: “It is disgusting – drunk teenagers in broad daylight. Idiots. Who does that to an 87-year-old man? I want them to be found.”

Another neighbour, Fay Daniel, said the man and his wife were a lovely, quiet couple who took pride in the trees on their property. It was a terrible attack, she said.

Samantha Coombes, 17, who was the first to come to John’s aid, said: “I was quite shocked at the whole thing and I didn’t know what to do. I hope they’re caught.”

She saw two teenagers hanging around acting drunk, and the man try to chase them away. A girl also saw young men running down the road with a bamboo stick.

Detective Matt Campbell said the offender was described by witnesses as about 18, probably European, with a shaved head and wearing a black top, black three-quarter-length shorts and a black baseball cap.

“Whether or not he describes it as a simple push does not detract from the fact that an elderly gentleman has suffered serious injuries as a result of a foolish act,” he said. “The suspect needs to be held accountable and come forward and speak to police.”

Bolton Community Board member Michael Scott said: “Once found, there should be some restorative justice for the victims to meet the young people so they can put right the damage they have done – own up and front up.”


12 thoughts on “UAF Thug assaults 87 year old Veteran

  1. I don’t know what is more disgusting, the fact that somebody would attack a pensioner or the fact that someone else would use this story to incite hatred against an unrelated organisation. Change my comment if you like (or post as someone else rebuffing me as you seem to love doing, seeing as all your FB ‘fans’ are just clone accounts), but you racist fucknuggets are not backed by the British people despite your obvious delusions. I hope you get shut down and thrown in the clink.

  2. You copied the picture from a news story in new Zealand and the name John Nigel Rohm gives no other hits on google except for this site. You guys are full of shit.

  3. WTF?! You changed my reply! I said it was an old story about a bloke from New Zealand and nothing to do with UAF. Jeez, you really are low life scum on this page.

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  5. There is too much of this sort of thing going on in our sad country today. And do you know why??
    Because the Police are sitting in their cars or Police stations filling in countless bits of paper. But if they manage to drag themselves into the great outdoors and actually arrest someone, and if they ever get the case to court, some loony swivel eyed judge will give the offender a pat on the back and send him back home!
    If our politicians and legal system won’t do anything meaningful, and they haven’t for the past 30 years, we should start to think about taking things into our own hands. Most (real British people!!) have had enough of all the political correctness and not offending people (especially immigrants and Muslims) and if the government refuse to believe this, then we need to show them we mean business.

  6. This is pathetic thoughts go out to the victim. Almost as bad as the OAP killed in Birmingham last month for being a Muslim – out of interest was that story posted on this site. ?

  7. this is an old story from New Zealand and nothing to do with a Bolton UAF man – another concocted story

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