Takeaway ‘Shop of Horrors’

Is it possible that a Takeaway shop in Blackpool disposed of the remains of 14 year old Charlene Downes by processing them into the food and selling them to the public as kebab meat?

Charlene Downes (14) disappeared in 2003 and is presumed dead. Paige Chivers (15) went missing in 2007 and is also presumed dead.


The two girls were linked to alleged sexual grooming and exploitation focussed upon fast food outlets in Blackpool. Following Charlene Downes’ disappearance in 2003, police found more than 60 girls were being groomed for sex around 11 Blackpool takeaways. They were mainly aged between 13 and 15, but some were as young as 11. It is alleged the children involved were offered food, alcohol and cigarettes in return for sexual activity.

(Charlene Downes, pictured right)

Two restaurant owners were acquitted of Charlene Downes’ murder in 2007 and the crime remains unsolved. A jury failed to reach a verdict on charges that Iyad Albattikhi, a Jordanian, had murdered Charlene Downes while his landlord Mohammed Reveshi, an Iranian, had disposed of her body. A retrial collapsed in 2008 amid failings in the police investigation and the men were paid almost £250,000 each in compensation. The defence had successfully questioned the integrity of the recorded evidence and the accuracy of the transcription.

Claims were made in court that takeaway staff had joked that Charlene’s remains had “gone into the kebabs”. Recordings, later discredited, were alleged to reveal the accused talking about the disposal of the body. In 2012, the kebab shop, now renamed, was refused a hot food licence amid reports of continued ‘sexual activity’ linked to the premises, but the applicants reportedly blamed a police vendetta and appealed. FOD could find no reports as to whether that appeal was successful.

There have been allegations that a police report produced after Charlene Downes vanished in 2003 was suppressed, because of the racial mix of alleged abusers, most of whom were asian or middle eastern in origin, and victims, most of whom were white. Lancashire Police denied a cover up, saying the report had been available online since 2007 but had never been intended for publication. Assistant Chief Constable Andy Rhodes said his officers were making significant progress in tackling child sex exploitation across Lancashire, regardless of the background of the culprits. However, former Detective Superintendent Mick Gradwell warned that research into the problem was being hampered by “concerns about upsetting community cohesion”.

Is it just possible that the staff of this kebab outlet ground down the remains of Charlene Downes and processed them into kebab meet before selling them to the public for consumption? In 2004, 88 missing children were reported in the blackpool area and over half never returned and are presumed dead. Was Charlene Downes the only victim of this takeaway shop of horrors? 

(Pictured right: Scene of the crime, ‘Funny Boyz’ takeaway in Blackpool)


It seems these takeaway outlets are being used up and down the country as a centrers of child abuse, rape and murder and yet they are allowed to remain open because of political correctness. We will never know how many people were murdered and then processed into the food chain of the takeaway in Blackpool but the Labour party almost certainly covered this up and allowed those responsible to continue freely, murdering and raping our children.

The Daily Bale calls upon people to stop using takeaway fast food shops up and down the country as a show of solidarity against child abuse and grooming by asian gangs. We can never allow an incident such as the despicable rape and murder of Charlene Downes to happen again in this country. Only by stopping using these vile and evil places can we truly avenge Charlene.

Not only were the children who were murdered and groomed by these asian gangs victims but also the innocent citizens who may have eaten at this establishment in 2004. Anybody who ate there during 2004 may well have consumed the remains of Charlene Downes without knowing this, we call for justice of all victims involved in this heinous crime.

The pair still run a kebab shop in Blackpool which was also linked to Paige, and she too was identified as a victim of sexual exploitation. Last year police reported that the takeaway was attracting young girls who were being supplied with alcohol and cocaine


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  2. so she deserved it right? so if you think what happened to her was okay, then surely you deserve it too?

  3. it did actually happen… I can’t say if everything in this is true… but I do know that Charlene Downs was put into kebabs as i’m her relative.

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  6. Is it possible that a Takeaway shop in Blackpool disposed of the remains of 14 year old Charlene Downes by processing them into the food and selling them to the public as kebab meat?

    A more pertinent question would be “Did Alex Wood misplace his anti-psychotic medication?”

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  9. Nice opinion Jo, well reasoned too. I can’t help wondering what it must be like to live your life terrified of every ethnic group that’s not your own. Incidentally, you do realise that you’re from Africa originally, right?

  10. LOL those muslims, come over here to steal our kebab-shop jobs and stop us drawing Muhammad, now they’re eating our children!!

  11. Is this more bullshit?
    Instead of merely presenting your statements as fact, how about linking to proof, evidence or reliable sources such as unbiased news reports? Without these your blog is nothing more than inflammatory lies and assumptions.

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