Gary Hastings/ exposed



Gary Hastings of the Marxist ‘EDLNEWS’ site fame is in reality Alan Daniel Moon.

Alan Daniel Moon aka Hastings works for the Home Office and has done so for about three years. He has previously worked for BSkyB and did a long stint working for an (unknown) company in Moscow from 2004 to 2007.

He was born in Exeter and moved to London in the mid-nineties and still retains a heavy South West accent.

He went to Leeds University where he studied Russian language and history.

He regularly attends EDL demos under the guise of being an EDL member and reports straight back to the authorities.

Back in the day he used to run with AFA (Anti Fascist Action)

He lives on Lyme Street in Camden Town, London and drinks regularly in the World’s End pub. He lives on Lyme Street with his partner Ella Curran and two dogs. At the weekends he can be found at Camden Market giving out Antifa leaflets.

He boasts that he has had upwards of 40 patriots jailed and had claimed the jobs of many more though his contacts at the Home Office. In other words he is an Establishment snitch and should not be trusted by anyone.

His leftist ‘comrades’ should each be wondering: “When will his Home Office masters turn their attention to the left-wing and what will he tell the cops about me?”

His phone number is 0745-628-7834 in case he rings you asking about a demo’ you might be going on.


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