Daily Bale: Where are we now?

In the recent weeks the Daily Bale has come under attack from the extreme left-wing and people have been jumping to conclusions about who actually runs the blog. Stephen Sodholmy investigates:

The common and seemingly popular blame for the Daily Bale has fallen upon former Conservative Party turned UKIP candidate; Joshua Bonehill-Paine along with his colleague a Mr. Alex Wood. This rumor has been traced back to a facebook page called We’re still laughing at UKIP (SLATUKIP) which has been at war with Mr. Bonehill-Paine & Mr. Wood for some months.


The truth is that we’re not these people and they have never been involved with the Daily Bale nor would we allow them to because we run a tight team here of only trusted people.

Why is the Daily Bale currently on hiatus?

We’ve unpublished the Facebook page and have changed our twitter account in order to calm things down after the storm, there has been much fighting, accusations and hate thrown at us for exposing some of these vile people and we still stick with what we believe. The British Patriot Society for instance posted out a message on their facebook page telling people to report us. It’s no coincidence that one of the Manager admins of the British Patriot’s society is friends with Left-Wing spy and infiltrator Maggie Chapman. Did Maggie whisper into Sara’s ear and tell her to make that post? We’ll probably never know.

Either way, it’s sensible for the time to remain on this hiatus whilst we resupply and rearm the Daily Bale team to prepare for Phase III which is coming very soon.

Phase III?

Yes, the Daily Bale has been around for 3 different incarnations run by several different teams. At first we were based on Facebook and our pages kept getting reported by Left-Wing scum and subsequently taken down which is why we moved to wordpress for Phase II. Now having solidly cemented ourselves on this wordpress blog, we are ready to attack at any given moment.


The Team currently stands as:

Terrance Barlington

Sophia Baldacci

Steven Sodholmy 

Theodore Pimpleton

Gary Raytes

Ajax Somerton

Steven Giles

Edward Clarry


Further to much speculation that somebody from the Daily Bale may have been arrested or taken to court from previous articles, this is clearly false and again is more propaganda created by the Left-Wing. The police are not even investigating us and we’ve been in touch with them to smooth everything over.

Nikki Pilkingson, the woman who stole from lee Rigby’s grave also hit back at us this week and denied claims that she had in fact stolen the items. We don’t understand why people would believe her as the police have already arrested this vile and problematic woman. 

Please remember that the Daily Bale is always here to stay, whilst we may currently be on hiatus we will be back, bigger and stronger than ever and ready to face off any political perverts who come to attack us. Most of us have been fighting Left-Wing Extremism for the past 25 years in Manchester, we’re not weak in the knees.

Heil Britannia!


Left Wing woman cuts off cats head “for fun”

The Left Wing are always pleased to support animal rights activists at demonstrations and marches but what we don’t often hear about is when the Left abuse animals. Image

A sickening story from Bedfordshire England has emerged where 22 year old disabled woman Leigh Quantrill has been alleged to have remove the head of her pet cat with a knife, claiming it was “for fun”.

Quantrill who runs disability website http://www.leighquantrill.com suffers from a rare form of genetic deformity that manifests itself as a facial error. In may of last year, this woman decided to take her cat into the garden and cut it’s head off with a household knife.

After local residents discovered what she had done, 22 year old Quantrill fled to france where she spends her time marching in Left-Wing demonstrations and UAD type meetings.

Leigh Quantrill’s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/leigh.quantrill.3

Business Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/LeighQuantrillcom/214120415283471

IP Address:

Further evidence has emerged linking this woman to the death of several household pets in the Bedfordshire area in 2010.

RIP Alan Cleverley – A Patriot defects to the left

It is with great sadness to report the departure of Alan Cleverley from the Right-Wing community. Earlier tonight, he publicly defended Maggie Chapman and Esther Angel (Hope not hate) from one of the Daily Bale’s attacks against the Left wing:



Alan Cleverley had fought bravely for the right wing and was most respected amongst our ranks but it came to us as a great shock earlier this evening when he was seen to publicly defend Maggie Chapman & Esther Angel.

The Evidence:



This all took place on the Facebook profile of the woman who was exposed by the Daily Bale to have been involved in stealing items from Lee Rigby’s Grave. Alan took to defend Nikki Pilkington. We see his actions as a clear defection to the left-wing, no matter what you do in any circumstance you do not defend the Left-Wing against a right wing attack.


this is friendly fire, and friendly fire can not and will not be tolerated.

Woman who stole from Lee Rigby’s Grave named as Nikki Pilkington

After a nation stood united in grieving against the loss of Hero Lee Rigby who was murdered by Islamic extremists in Woolwich, Nikki Pilkington from Irthlingborough took the opportunity to steal from his grave

Labour Party activist and UAF spokesperson, Nikki Pilkington who runs the internet marketing business http://www.nikkipilkington.com last night was named as the woman who stole from Lee RIgby’s Grave.


In total, a teddy bear left by Rigby’s son, Jack and a fresh set of flowers were removed from the grave leaving the family emotionally distressed and ‘upset’ by the theft.

Nikki’s Facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/nikkipilkington

Nikki’s Facebook business page: https://www.facebook.com/internetmarketingbynikki

Labour Party says “Paedophiles are human too”

The Labour Party has recently launched a new campaign which is seen to promote Paedophile rights in the UK. Is there no level to which they’ll stoop?

We are the Many is the name of a recent campaign launched this week by the Labour Party. This campaign seeks to unite Paedophiles in unity and solidarity with the love and care of the British Public. Imagemn

Labour Party spokesman Jim Mcdonald said the following

“Paedophiles have rights too, we all make mistakes in our lives and some of us make bigger mistakes than others but the Labour party believes in forgiving those people and giving them new hope”.

“We are the Many is a new campaign which encourages convicted paedophiles to place a sign saying the name of the campaign on their facebook profiles and as a sticker on the front door of their houses”,

“We are a party that reaches to all members of the community and we represent our people fairly and without prejudice”

Paedophiles plan to build village in Devon

Disgraced human being, paedophile activist Tom O’Carroll has recently spoken about creating a village exclusively for Paedophiles and convicted child abusers to live exclusively without fear of persecution in the Devonshire countryside.

Tom O’Carroll first came to notoriety in 1997 when he launched his “Paedophiles are human too” campaign which sought to encourage the widespread influence of paedophilia throughout the country. O’Carroll has also released several vile publications which try to argue that there is nothing wrong with paedophilia and it is the way of nature. Image

In 2010 when the Hope Not Hate financial backer list was leaked onto google, it appeared that through his book sales and businesses; Paedophile O’Carroll was funding the left-wing website.  

Now in 2013, O’Carroll has once again hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. 

In a ‘secret’ location outside the picturesque town of Totnes in rural Devonshire, Tom O’Carrol plans to build a village which he calls “liberum natura”, (Free Nature). The village will be an exclusive haven to convicted paedophiles and sex offenders to live in harmony with each other and nature. 

(Tom O’Carroll pictured above with his latest Paedophilic novel)

O’Carroll has stated that the buildings will be 100% eco-friendly and made from the natural materials provided by ‘mother earth’.

This is what he had to say “liberum natura will be a village for those who have been condemned by law for doing what they felt came natural to them, we are paedophiles but we are also human beings. My village will provide a safe haven and respite to those who have lived their lives in fear from repercussions because of their convictions”. 

“I will be placed as Village elder whilst an executive committee will be formed from willing paedophile candidates”

“We want to live in harmony and be recognized as a new age group, a religion in itself but ultimately we want to live in peace with this country”.

We Understand that he is currently seeking permission to build liberum natura but nothing has been given the go ahead yet.

Local Totnes resident Ian Jewson had this to say, “It’s truly sickening to think that these disgusting individuals plan on building such a hellish idea outside our peaceful town”

“I Believe that O’Carroll should be behind bars as he obviously shows no remorse for his illegal behaviour and pedophilic offences against children”.

liberum natura has won support from paedophiles across the country who look to Tom O’Carrol as some sort of sick leader. 

A Case against Maggie Chapman

Maggie Chapman is a Left-Wing Troll who has been posing as a UKIP official in an attempt to dismantle the UKIP and right-wing community on facebook. This vile specimen has been targeting the Daily Bale and anybody associated with it for some time using her fake accounts and web of lies. Now the Daily Bale exposes here:


She’s the adorable old lady from Scotland that claims to be a traditional UKIP supporter and chairman of a local UKIP branch but this is in fact untrue.

Let’s firstly establish where Maggie stands with UKIP

Maggie Was the former election agent to Peter Hollings, a candidate from Bridgewater in somerset. It was in Bridgewater where Maggie was kicked out of UKIP for pretending to be the chairman covering the whole of somerset, she boasted online about how she controlled UKIP in the south west and set up a number of fake facebook pages and accounts.

After being kicked out of UKIP for forgery and lying, Maggie became disillusioned with the party and wanted to take revenge but only could she do this by playing the long game.

Maggie Chapman’s Main Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/margaret.chapman2

Maggie Chapman’s Secondary Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/maggs.chapman

Using facebook as her weapon, she befriended many people from UKIP and using her past as a UKIP agent, people recognized her and believed that she was still legitimately a UKIP supporter.

During this early Stage, Maggie made a connection with the UKIP Brighton & Hove branch run by chairman Nigel Carter; she has won the support of idiot and liability Linda Reid who has taken to facebook to publicly support Maggie without consulting her senior UKIP officers.

So why has Maggie gone to all this effort?

Maggie now works as a plant for the Left-Wing, most likely for Hope Not Hate. She is responsible for grassing right-wing patriots into Hope not Hate who then go on to write terrible stories and lies about people. Not only this but Maggie has connections with the British Patriots Society page and the New Daily patriot of whom she has both used before to attack Right-Wing patriots when she sees them as a threat.

We do not believe that the New Daily Patriot of the British Patriots Society is aware of this woman but we should hope that they will ignore her in future times.

The other thing that makes Maggie so believable is the network of fake facebook accounts she uses which look like realistic UKIP members when in fact they are just fakes. She puts a lot of effort and detail into creating these accounts which is why people are willing to believe them so much.

It seems that Maggie has also built up a core following of REAL people that support her and believe she’s genuine, these people are willing to follow her and bark at her every command. ‘Maggie’s Minions’ as they’ve now been called are:

Julie Ann Saunders:  https://www.facebook.com/julieann.saunders.589

Melanie Roberts:  https://www.facebook.com/mrobertsandbooks

Linda Reid: https://www.facebook.com/linda.reid.587

Susan Lockwood: https://www.facebook.com/sassisuzi

Virginia Hall:  https://www.facebook.com/virginia.hall

 We have no doubt that some of the above accounts are fakes operated by Maggie herself but we know that Linda Reid & Melanie Roberts are both real people who defend maggie religiously and follow her orders. They’ve been warned about Maggie’s anti-ukip agenda but are not willing to listen and continue to attack at her command.
Maggie is no member of UKIP and is an enemy of the Right-Wing, anybody who is seen to support her is also an enemy and will be added to the Daily Bale list and distributed amongst our subscribers.
To confirm everything we’ve written in this article then once just needs to email the executive chairman of UKIP, Steve Crowther. Ask your local UKIP Chairman for his email.
We advise that anybody who has her added as a friend removes her immediately as she will only have you added so that she can damage any future political career you may consider having. This woman is a parasite and a plague to UKIP.